About Us

Chinese Ministry

Frontier Baptist Church first took interest in China in 2002 when Pastor Reitz led a survey trip throughout the various provinces of China. Eventually, because of this survey trip, Brother Dunn would end up in China serving the Lord as a Missionary sent out from their church. 

Wide-Margin Project 

As the Bible states, and so we believe, a country will only be converted by the “foolishness” of preaching. In China, the pastors are left defenseless without an absolute authority by which to convert the heathen and guide the lost. While we feel the common man must have the Bible, we also believe that a single Bible in the hand of a man who believes it, can do more than 100 who never use it. It has been our desire to provide high quality wide-margin Bibles for preachers. Our goal through this project has been to generate funds to perpetually print God’s Word in China, as well as provide an invaluable tool for the Chinese pastors. Because it is an expensive Bible, Frontier Baptist Church supplements any amount needed to help Chinese pastors, who cannot otherwise afford a copy. If you are interested in getting a Bible, or Bibles, into the hands of a Chinese pastor, please contact us. 

Pew Bibles 

In 2011, we brought the Peking Committee Bible back into print, after nearly 100 years of silence. In 2014, we were able to print 4,000 copies of this Bible. This has been a tremendous answer to prayer. All of these Bibles were printed in mainland, thus providing a very inexpensive Bible to Chinese believers. We then have had no need of smuggling Bibles, as we are able to freely distribute them in country. 


Currently we are putting out as much material as possible that uses the Peking Committee Bible. Brother Dunn has written commentaries on Jude and Daniel, and is currently working on several other books of the Bible. Our goal is to have a companion syllabus for every book of the Bible. 


Chinese pastors and missionaries alike have been uniting to print and distribute tracts and Gospel flyers which utilize the Peking Committee Bible. This has been a tremendous blessing and has produced much interest and fruit. 

Church Established  

In 2014, Frontier Baptist Church planted a Chinese Church in Mainland China. New Hope Baptist Church has been the main avenue by which the Peking Bible has been distributed.