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Attention: The Wide Margin Old Testament portion differs from the Pew Bible and Thumb Index Bible. The Pew and Thumb index Bibles were printed in 2014 when the most up to date copy of the Peking Bible we had available was the 1899 edition. Since then we have come across three other editions (One dated 1905, one dated 1909 and an Easy Wenli version, signed by the original committee members in 1902) that allowed us to recheck the work and be sure to update it to the committee’s final edition in 1902. This update will be shown in the later printings of the Pew and Thumb index Bibles. Note that the differences make no adjustments to the text itself and only account for .02% of the Old Testament. All changes are in relation to unification of characters, grammar order and better manifestation of thoughts through clearer Chinese words. None of these changes show the slightest sign of any tampering with the text or misleading corrections to the Bible’s content. Just like the unification editions of the King James Bible since its first printing, these have only been to unify usage in an already complete translation. Furthermore they were carried out by the original committee members themselves. Should there be any questions concerning these changes, please do not hesitate to let us know, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.